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Getting our eBooks on your device - it's easier than you think!

Getting an eBook onto your device used to involve USB cables and special software. But technology has moved on and it's now a snap - and what's more, you can support your favourite authors and publishing houses by buying direct!


First off, Payhip has a great article summarising how to get your eBook onto your Kindle (click here). The easiest way, in our opinion? Use Send to Kindle. On purchase, you should be able to download the eBooks (you need ePub format for a Kindle). You then need to:

  1. Find your Send to Kindle email address, if you don't know it - go to Manage Your Content & Devices> Preferences > Personal Document Settings.
  2. Only approved email addresses can send files to your Kindle library. Before sending, make sure the account you'll use is on your Approved Personal Document E-mail List in your Personal Document Settings.
  3. Send your file as an attachment to your Send to Kindle email address. You don't need to include a subject line.


Easiest way to get files on your Kobo? Use the web browser to log into your email, click download, and there you go! (note: you can also use the web browser to download Project Gutenberg free eBooks through a similar method)

  1. Find the web browser on your Kobo - usually you need to go to Menu/Settings/Beta features/web browser, and then google it.
  2. Type in your email site eg.
  3. Log into your email
  4. Find the email you received about your eBook purchase, click on the download link, and bingo!


With an iPad, you have two options - read the book as a PDF or as an eBook in the Apple Books App. Easiest is the PDF:

  1. Go into your email and find the 'download' email you received after your purchase
  2. Click download
  3. Either open directly from there, or go into your 'Files' app, find it, and it will open like any other PDF file you download.

Or, if you really want it to appear in your Apple Books app:

  1. Follow step 1 above
  2. Instead of tapping 'download', hold it down in order to bring up the "Open in new tab..." dialogue window.
  3. Let the new page load. When it finishes loading, you will see the "Open with..." dialogue box. Choose the "iBooks" button, or choose "Open with" to bring up your preferred ebook reading app.
  4. The book will now open in iBooks or your chosen app.

Any other device

The best thing about buying direct, is you get a PDF file as well as an ePub. And you know what can read a PDF? ANY DEVICE AT ALL (any kind of laptop, tablet or phone). Just treat it like any other download - tax forms, or the menu for your favourite restaurant, or whatever else you might download on a regular basis.

  1. Go into your email
  2. Find the email you received after your purchase
  3. Click download, making sure you are getting the PDF
  4. Either open directly if it gives you that option, or find it in the downloads/file section of your device.
  5. Open with Adobe, an internet browser, or any other program to read a PDF.